yellow cherry tomato sauce

sooooo delightful!!! We made a double batch and it used about two weeks’ worth of cherry and sungold tomatoes that were accumulating on my kitchen counters. So, I basically stick with the ingredients mentioned, plus what is in the original recipe. Hope that helps! It almost tastes as if there is cream in it after it is pureed, it is so smooth and buttery. Do you use the immersion blender on the herbs as well? This recipe is delicious and so easy! Happy cooking, thanks Alex!! Happy you liked the recipe and could make it your own! Thank you! Thanks. Would it work to puree the tomatoes instead of using a blender? Wow! Hello! We no longer provide nutrition info, but there are lots of calculators you can use online to find out based on the ingredients you use. Jennifer Davick; Styling: Kristen Shelton Fielder. Is there anything better than homegrown tomatoes?? Could add cooked carrots (when at the blending stage) and use it as a ‘gravy’ on roast beef with potatoes. So happy to hear that, Dee!! . This looks like a great way to use my tomatoes! One question and I think I know the answer. I loooove Sungolds too . Another variation is using 6-7 beefsteak tomatoes and again, slicing them up and putting them in the pan. This is the BEST recipe. I roasted the garlic along with the tomatoes (3 cloves) and added a bit of red wine to deglaze the pan after cooking the onions and a dash of balsalmic vinegar at the end to add some extra sweetness. Easy way to use garden tomatoes. Hi, Allen! Hi Lindsey! We inherited several tomato plants upon moving into our new house. I added 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to each pint jar and boiled in a water bath for 40 minutes. This recipe looks delicious, haven’t made it yet. I’m adding this to my list. Add the onions and cook, stirring occasionally, until they begin to sweat and soften, about 4-5 minutes. This year’s tomatoes are really seedy with thick skins, so I ran the sauce through the finest strainer on my food mill. Very easy and delicous. this is what I’m looking for, Julie. I followed the recipe exactly and used my immersion blender. I made this recipe as is. (reserve 5 stars for company worthy dishes...might serve this to company (esp. Wonderful thank you!! Roast at 300 for an hour. Hi Deborah… at what point did you strain? When I heat it back up, I sometimes add cooked chicken to it. Am I to understand the skins stay on and are blended in the blender. (Carefully!) I halved half of the tomatoes, left the rest whole & sauted them all. Everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long day. Please let me know if you decide to try it! 1/4 cup good-quality olive oil, plus more for roasting, kosher salt and freshly-ground black pepper. Oh my, this is good! Wow, this is super flavorful. Thanks, Chelsi! You don’t use them in the recipe do you? I use a conventional (American) oven. I ended up freezing mine but only got 3 pints of sauce (which just makes me question my 20 tomatoes to one pound).. it is still fantastic and next time I will weigh my tomatoes. Throw the tomato mixture in a sauce pot with a large can of tomato paste and two can fills of chicken or beef stock and simmer for two hours. Enjoy!! I do know that it freezes well , Look up Tomato Sauce 101: From Vine to Jar “You Bet Your Garden” Mike Mcgrath also says that lemon is NOT necessary, tomatoes are very acidic. First time I followed the recipe as written. Also, I am making this recipe with Roma tomatoes(2 lbs, to be exact) this weekend for at least eight people. Now that I know how to do this, I would use more garlic and add some veggies – personal taste. Used a variety of small tomatoes and tastes great. I wanted to roast or sauté or whatever would give us something useful and tasty. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. I added some extra garlic because we like garlic and I was using refrigerated minced garlic rather than fresh. You could try adding something acidic (like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar) to tone down some of the sweetness. This has become our family favorite! Thanks so much, Annie!! Roasting is the key for sweetness.

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