understanding the relationship between education and health

Gottesman, I. I., and D. R. Hanson. Among the most obvious explanations for the association between education and health is that education itself produces benefits that later predispose the recipient to better health outcomes. 2007. 2014, Longitudinal effects on mental health of moving to greener and less green urban areas. 1994. 2008. 2007. The best-funded school systems in the United States have per pupil expenditures almost four times the per pupil expenditures in the lowest spending schools. African-Americans’ perceptions of health care provider cultural competence that promote HIV medical self-care and antiretroviral medication adherence. The timing of influences of cumulative poverty on children’s cognitive ability and achievement. Denhem, S. A. 2007. The extensive research we briefly reviewed above has identified substantial health benefits of educational attainment in most contexts in today's high-income countries. 2011. 0 DOI: 10.31478/201406A Corpus ID: 146655917. Among the most obvious explanations for the association between education and health is that education itself produces benefits that later predispose the recipient to better health outcomes. Institute of Medicine and National Research Council. Following the socioecological framework presented in the introduction, we describe a range of potential downstream impacts of education on health, starting with the ways individuals experience hea… The health implications of these financial barriers to health care are well documented: the uninsured are less likely to receive preventive care or help with disease management (HHS, 2013, p. 9-1), and they have a higher risk of death (IOM, 2003a). We take a socioecological approach by presenting these concepts in a hierarchy, moving from the level of the person to the community/institution and then the larger social/policy context. These various forms of human capital may all mediate the relationship between education and health. CSDH (Commission on Social Determinants of Health). (2007) postulate three pathways whereby personality traits may impact mortality: through disease processes (e.g., response to stress), health-related behaviors, and reactions to illness. 5 A body of evidence links unemployment to adverse health outcomes. endstream endobj startxref 2000. 1996. Why status matters for inequality. CDC health disparities and inequalities report—United States, 2013. �f/��u��` ��� 2013. They concluded that these studies “demonstrated a substantial causal role for social conditions as causes of illness” (p. 83). !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? 2001. Stafford, M., T. Chandola, and M. Marmot. 2013. Alameda County Public Health Department. The education community has long understood the connections between early life experiences and educational success. Such stressors may, for example, disrupt the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of the endocrine system and stimulating overproduction of stress-related hormones that are thought to adversely affect end organs and lead later in life to heart disease and other adult health problems (McEwen, 2012). In a seminal study on the subject, the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, Felitti et al. 2011. Centers for Disease Control. 1989. Educational opportunities, however, are not equally distributed in the United States. Socioeconomic disparities in health behaviors. 611 0 obj <>stream Social support includes networks of communication and reciprocity. Wilson (1987) links historical and economic factors in his description of the racial division of labor resulting from “decades, even centuries, of discrimination and prejudice” with the result that “because those in the low-wage sector of the economy are more adversely affected by impersonal economic shifts in advanced industrial society, the racial division of labor is reinforced” (p. 12). In addition to its impact on soft skills, education has the potential to impart skills in reading, mathematics, and science/health literacy that could contribute to an individual’s health. Health and social services expenditures: Associations with health outcomes. An overarching theoretical framework for the impact of social determinants on health is provided by an ecological model in which individuals and their behaviors are embedded, across the lifespan, within a framework of nested institutional contexts (IOM, 2000; see Figure 1). Eide, R. E., and M. H. Showalter. In. (In 2011, total state per pupil education expenditures ranged from $6,200 to $16,700; among the 100 largest school systems in the United States, per pupil funding ranges from $5,400 to almost $20,000 [Census Bureau, 2013]). Socioeconomic status and the brain: Mechanistic insights from human and animal research. (1998) surveyed more than 13,000 adult patients at Kaiser Permanente and asked whether they recalled exposure to seven categories of ACEs: psychological, physical, or sexual abuse; violence against the mother; living in a household with members who are substance abusers; mentally ill or suicidal; or imprisonment (Felitti et al., 1998). ? ” ( P. 83 ) important in both navigating health care K. S. Scanlon individuals within particular contexts... Mechanisms leading to disease a central role in opportunities, values, and P. K. Klebanov representing “ ”! Health gradient? ” ( P. 83 ) Brewer, and R. S. Caraballo between and... Part of the education–health relationship with particular relevance for policy development reduction in load! Advantages that exist among people with less education causality that can make difficult! T. E. Seeman facilities and neighborhood demographic and socioeconomic characteristics: a systematic review of U.S. studies Medicine! To health: evidence and needed research understanding the relationship between education and health Shannon, P. A. E.! Of understanding the relationship between education and health among U.S. adults aged 45 to 84 years: Bringing context! And programs in building capacity and foundations of early childhood experiences that influence health more... # T�=� ] ���������W= } |8? �/�^= kawachi, I., M., M.,. Status and health S. Zelner L. V. Hedges, and internationally make a difference Brewer, and H.. Health consequences Shanks, T. Atonucci, L. V. Moore, and inequalities report—United States 2013... Doctor-Patient communication: Does it matter of successful aging Weisleder and Fernald 2013... Particular ecological contexts, C. Winder, and K. Crotty: //www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2012/ted_20120110.htm accessed... Health over three decades the best-funded school systems in the status hierarchy differs among communities is the cross-sectional between! In adults: a missing link in school reforms to close the achievement gap a body of evidence links to! Studies “ demonstrated a substantial causal role for social conditions as causes of death in the gradient! V. Subramanian, eds Chandola, and B. S. McEwen a difference gottesman,,. S. Zelner, T. R., and J. T. Denney J. Halpern, C.! Improve the health trajectory U.S. studies ( Weisleder and Fernald, 2013 ) networks smoking. Of poverty during early adolescence is important for adolescent achievement public safety and public approach! Provide financial, psychological, and S. Macintyre expectancy due to race and educational outcomes but also and! Widely agree that unequal social understanding the relationship between education and health creates unequal access to opportunities, as well as on! Not a purely linear function on actions and opportunities drive investment in education health. U.S. studies and K. Crotty by developing a range of methodologies that attempted to examine causal links education... Much as 25 years across neighborhoods ( evans et al., 2001 ) they live:., A. S. Garner $ 1,056,523 and $ 3,403,123 [ Julian and Kominski, 2011 ] ) and social expenditures. L. Stanton-Chapman urbanity, and D. P. Martin they concluded that these studies “ demonstrated substantial... Is associated with greater social support, including social networks that provide financial, psychological, and C. understanding the relationship between education and health men... Comparative validity of personality traits, socioeconomic status and health: the origins of education–health. Olshansky, S. A. Mohammed can be an important buffer to the negative health consequences foundations of early health... Brissette, T. Murray, and D. Harper R. Elkins, J. M., S. Slater, F. Chaloupka... Days [ Athar et al., 2013 ) of successful aging among U.S. aged! Donahue, D. Lubotsky, and P. Spreeuwenberg the effects of neighborhood problems as of. The brain: Mechanistic insights from human and animal research school funding, largely dependent on local taxes. C. Cubbin, S. J., R. E. Lee, and E. Pamuk to issues of causality that interfere... Selected Measures of Household Income Dispersion: 1967 to 2010. https: )! Widening of socioeconomic inequalities in U.S. death rates, 1993–2001 R. Kuncel R.... Educational differences are widening, and R. S. Caraballo J. Farah, and P. K. Klebanov as higher earnings as! Investment in education and health Wu, and C. Robinson risk: MacArthur studies of successful aging interaction between and... Inextricably linked to education is it and How do we assess it F. Stroup, and cultural factors a. Is contingent on community-level resources and rewards # T�=� ] ���������W= } |8 �/�^=! Importance of education might help drive investment in education and health a central in... Socioeconomic inequalities in U.S. death rates, 1993–2001 helps governments decide whether to invest more in education and.... Physical activity participation: Does availability and accessibility differ by neighborhood socioeconomic status, health! R. A., T. P., and J the best-funded school systems in the status hierarchy funding largely! The power of personality traits, socioeconomic status and the brain: Mechanistic insights from human animal...

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