samsung chromebook pro review

Samsung Chromebook Pro Review February 10, 2017 By Robby Payne Leave a Comment A combination of unique form factor, screen aspect ratio, and input methods, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is a … When I first got the Chromebook Pro … The Samsung Chromebook Pro benefits from being one of the first chromebooks to launch with the Google Play store. But at the end of the day, that's not a benefit exclusive to this laptop. So with my normal mix of usage basically I get a full day operation between recharges. The Pro is Samsung's first Chromebook that includes an S Pen for taking notes and sketching and other stylus-driven features. Samsung's Chromebook Pro is the complete package, with great features, an included stylus, and top-notch performance, all in a super-slim, portable package. The Samsung Chromebook Pro has about 8 hours battery life in my normal use, if I binge watch a streaming vidio that drops to about 15% if battery life per hour, about 6 hours until I stop to recharge. Samsung calls the Chromebook Pro a new class of device designed with the Play Store in mind. Samsung helpfully included a little custom software to … To this end, it comes equipped with gyroscopes and accelerometers we used to great effect to …

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