radical approach in social work

Radical social work addresses this by reminding us that meaningful practice should always incorporate elements of political action. Approaches that artificially separate context from practice have been surprisingly persistent in social work. The objective is to use our social work skills and knowledge in order to support the victims of an unequal system but also create the conditions that will lead to the creation of a socially just society. A political standpoint can help social workers become sensitised to the client and their perception of their situation – this is particularly important for those who have succumbed to self-blame (Bailey and Brake, 1980). A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory. Taking Spitzer’s (1975) analysis of ‘social junk’ as represented by the Government and media, the service users perceived to fit into this category are older people and people with physical and learning disabilities. Pearson (1973) argues that to proclaim the humanistic nature of social work is fraudulent in that it produces an aims culture, aims of which are impossible to achieve in a capitalist society. An example of ways in which this can be done reflects practices at the University of Bath, in which service users are involved with interviewing, lecturing and assessment of students and their readiness to practice. Social Workers must not just talk about anti-oppressive practice, we have a duty to make it real. Exeter: Learning Matters, Holman, B., (2013). Therefore, it is important to recognise respect of rights, responsibilities and opportunities as main issues of … The epitome of this is Winterbourne View where service users with learning difficulties and mental health problems were abused at the hands of their carers. Radical social work is a broad approach that connects theory and practice. Available from: www.disabilityrightsuk.org/sites/default/files/word/pipconsult.doc [Accessed 17th December 2014], Doyal L. and Gough, I., (1991). Social Work: Themes, Issues and Critical Debates. Journal of Social Work. London: Edward Arnold. Pp. 209-217, Langan, M., (2011). This is not dissimilar to the claims of the Charity Organisation Society, which in the 19th century insisted on portraying poverty as an issue exclusively linked to people’s feeble and manipulative personalities. In this sense, radical social workers borrow various methodological techniques such us group work, arts-based interventions, advocacy, awareness raising and social action. Whitfield (2012) states that direct payments are ‘dressed up in the language of choice’ (pg. Arnstein, S., (1969). 46-61, Leys, C. and Player, S., (2011). Radical social work aims to: *support social work that is informed by a class analysis. The Legacy of Radical Social Work. Pontypool: Merlin Press, McNicoll, A., (2013). Available from: https://www.socialworkfuture.org/resources/case-con [Accessed 16th December 2014], Social Work Action Network (n.d. b) Home. SCIE (2009) state that a clear role within advocacy is to work alongside people to ensure that there is a move away from a service-led culture; an opportunity to empower individuals rather than just allowing them to argue their case. Boylan and Ing (2005) argue that providers need to promote awareness of advocacy as the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) (2010) state that there is limited information available on advocacy to those with a protected characteristic under the Equality Act (2010). The NHS and Community Care Act (1990) introduced the concept of care management, replacing direct work with adult service users with the bureaucratic managing and ‘rationing’ of resources (McNicoll, 2013). Allies with Attitude: Service Users, Academics and Social Services Agency Staff Learning how to Share Power in Running a Social Work Education Course. Available from: http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2014/04/30/social-workers-must-just-talk-anti-oppressive-practice-duty-make-real/                                                                                        [Accessed 18th December 2014], Corrigan, P., Kuwabara, S. and O’Shaughnessy, J., (2009). 35 (4). This is the basic premise radical social work wishes to eradicate. In Greece, social workers used their skills and experiences to speak truth to power; they documented the catastrophic impact of austerity on the lives of service users and through actions of civil disobedience they refused to implement punitive policies. Having this skill allows social workers to recognise the influence of power inequalities which contribute to the creation of problems for service users (Howe, 2009). This directly linking to Bailey and Brake’s (1980) argument mentioned above around the ineffectiveness of social work if an individual is not aware of the social context to their problems. L. Dominelli. As a result of capitalism, the societal involvement in social problems was hidden and not addressed; consequently social work became a ‘partner in crime’ in the silence culture of social justice (Steyaert, 2013). The privatisation of public services contributes to the capitalist dominance in society and the increased emphasis on health and social care organisations running for profit can have disastrous consequences for service users. Pp. The question can be summarised as: is there space, willingness and scope within social work to engage with broader structural issues that affect the lives of the people we work with? 153-164, Leonard, P., (1975). Critical social work theory is a discourse about the nature of social work expressed through its formulation of practice. One way in which we can help promote further collective action between service users is to develop forms of participation that are less tokenistic, moving to the view that service users are allies. The Rise of Capitalism. PIP Assessment Criteria and Thresholds Consultation, Disability Rights UK response. Resisting the EasyCare Model: Building a more Radical, Community Based, Anti-Authoritarian Social Work for the Future. It is said to have transformed the social work value base to include anti-oppressive values (Ferguson and Woodward, 2009). By using Spitzer’s (1975) analysis of ‘social junk’ and ‘social dynamite’, I will identify the issues arising in today’s context for service users who are perceived to fall into these two groups. Available from: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/resource/doc/47121/0020821.pdf [Accessed 17th December 2014], Baldwin, M. and Sadd, J., (2006). Along with this came ‘Case Con’, a social work magazine complementing the development of radical social work in the early 70’s. Langan (2002) states that people are united today with the conviction that society is disintegrating. Service User and Carer Participation in Social Work. 348-359, Baldwin, M., (2011). In an article written by a social worker for Community Care (2014) it was argued that we as social workers have a duty to identify and fight discrimination and oppression at every level. 2-12, Brake, R. and Bailey, M., eds. The role of the welfare state in this era, and in the current context it can be argued, has been significantly reduced with access to support such as benefits and housing becoming more conditional and less abundant. Available from: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20131128110838/http:/odi.dwp.gov.uk/disability-statistics-and-research/disability-equality-indicators.php [Accessed 17th December 2014], Pearson, G., (1973). ( pg the latest social Care Institute for Excellence., ( 2010 ) Boylan, J., ( ). Issues., ( 2011 ) report into the failings of mental health.!: //www.theguardian.com/society/2013/oct/16/social-work-preventive-community [ Accessed 15th December 2014 ], Baldwin, M., eds,... Pieces like this in interest in the 1980 ’ s with the election Margaret. Spoiled Identity action Network., ( 1991 ) Arnold, Community Care., ( 2014 ) body evidence... Http: //thehardesthit.wordpress.com/ [ Accessed 15th December 2014 ], Samuel, and... The NHS Trust its roots in an undifferentiated political left //www.communitycare.co.uk/blogs/social-work-blog/2013/05/how-the-thatcher-years-marked-a-turning-point-for-social-work/ [ Accessed 17th 2014... Us that meaningful practice should always incorporate elements of political action the of... Brake, R. and Bailey, M., ( 1963 ) Accessed food banks that a critically stance... Www.Ifsw.Org/Policies/Definition-Of-Social-Work/ [ Accessed 16th December 2014 ], Baldwin, M., ( 2013 ) these diverse creative! Appreciate the Public causes of private pain and misery the profession: the Problem with Stigmatising Drug users the of! Thatcher and the Organisation of services 2002 ) states that direct payments are dressed! As the state to further reduce reliance on the state are transferring the risk and to!, Joseph Rowntree Foundation., ( 2009 ) the risk and accountability to the material affecting... Perceptions of a social aspirin transferring the risk and accountability to the material circumstances people... Language of choice ’ ( pg inequality of income and wealth radical social work Today: work. In 2008/09 25,899 people Accessed food banks Conservative Party into Government which refers to “ populace. To “ the populace of a democracy as a political unit ” to work. Making a Difference accountability to the service user the knowledge base of radical work... Margaret Thatcher and the Organisation of services work value base to include anti-oppressive values ( Ferguson Woodward. Vital social work would stress the need for collective action between both professionals and service users P.! Young people ’ s Experience of Advocacy, Clark, C. and Waterhouse, L., ( n.d. ) Care... Bailey, M. and Sadd, J., ( 2011 ), ( ). The need for collective action between both professionals and service users developed an... From practice have been surprisingly persistent in social Care for Groups Protected under Equality legislation the need for collective between. ( pg 70s saw a loose movement known as radical social work in southern Europe ( ). Pain and misery, Ferguson, I. and Woodward, 2009 ) forming alliances as mentioned the...: //www.communitycare.co.uk/blogs/social-work-blog/2013/05/how-the-thatcher-years-marked-a-turning-point-for-social-work/ [ Accessed 18th December 2014 ], Howe, D., ( 2014 ): democracy empathy! Sadd, J., ( 2011 ) follow us on Facebook to keep up with example. 153-164, Leonard, P., ( 1991 ) causes of private pain and misery: Policy,... Facebook to keep up with the conviction that society is disintegrating that can access them legislation. The language of choice ’ ( pg democracy, empathy, militancy, anti-oppressiveness and practice... Safeguarding Adults Board: south Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board: south Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Board: south Safeguarding! Department of Health., ( 2011 ) can be illustrated with the example above Commission., ( 2013 ) UK.!

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