pink ribbon controversy

5. Thank God The Truth About Cancer is out there educating the public. Many people are insulted by the pink ribbon because it … Pink Ribbon Marketing. Its unholy alliance with polluters (both of our bodies AND the environment) is shameful. 4. The product with the pink ribbon is sometimes questionable. Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a 2012 documentary which is WELL worth watching. Due to its abundance of cause marketing campaigns, some cancer survivors have lashed out against Komen for overusing its pink ribbon. Many find pink ribbons to be insulting as they seem to represent an attempt to “dress up” breast cancer and to portray it as the feminine, pretty, almost acceptable kind of … Some of the products are even linked to the possibility of contributing to the risk of breast cancer. 5. Here are a few examples of controversial pink products. The problems with the pink ribbon continue to mount. You can find a list of some controversial items here. The term has been used to describe two different situations: (1) organizations getting disproportionate publicity for donating very little, and (2) organizations that use the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic. As many as 80 charities have received letters from Komen attorneys over the years asking them to refrain from using the Komen-trademarked pink ribbon or the catchphrase “for the cure.” And what of the so-called "pink ribbon controversy," which alleges that pink products have become too much of a marketing symbol, with minimal funds actually going to breast cancer research? Komen is a key entity in the controversy over "pinkwashing". As you mention in this excellent article, the film documents many of the ways in which Komen has deceived the public. In early 2012, Canadian filmmaker Lea Pool released a documentary titled, “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” that examined and critiqued pink ribbon … A pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness is emblazoned on the field before an NFL football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns CREDIT: AP …

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