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The story was "Hollywood-ized" for dramatic purposes. As late as the 1950s, Milpitas was an unincorporated rural town with the Midtown district on Main Street as its main center of business and social activities. At the north side of the intersection of that road with the Milpitas-Alviso Road, for many years stood "French's Hotel" that had been originally built by Alex Anderson prior to 1859, when Alfred French bought it from Austin M. Digital television service available to Milpitas includes:[53]. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 11,240 persons (16.8%). Local creeks and the nearby San Francisco Bay suffer somewhat from water pollution originating from street water runoff and industrial wastes. The newest retail centers are west of Interstate 880. The library is closed now due to COVID pandemic. He faces defiantly south toward San Jose because early residents of Milpitas considered themselves minutemen when they defeated efforts by San Jose to annex the newly incorporated Milpitas. La municipalité de Milpitas (en anglais [mɪlˈpiːtəs]) est située dans le comté de Santa Clara, au sein de la Silicon Valley, à environ 20 km au nord-ouest de San José, dans l’État de Californie, aux États-Unis. The movie River's Edge was inspired by the true story of a murder that happened in Milpitas in 1981. Both have expensive gated residential developments located adjacent to them. Not all streets in Milpitas have bicycle lanes or sidewalks. Alviso Adobe History Park is to be opened, after the exterior restoration of the adobe and outbuildings is completed, as an educational museum with historic items, trees, buildings, and documents. Matched Content. "As Milpitas Goes, So Goes the State" used to be a popular slogan around the town. Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 07:20. There is a local legend that in 1857, when the U.S. On January 26, 2004, the city celebrated the 50th anniversary of its incorporation and issued the book Milpitas: Five Dynamic Decades to commemorate 50 years of Milpitas' history as a busy, exciting crossroads community. Milpitas city, California. Milpitas / m ɪ l ˈ p iː t ə s / is a city in Santa Clara County, California.It is located with San Jose to its south and Fremont to its north, at the eastern end of State Route 237 and generally between Interstates 680 and 880 which run roughly north/south through the city. Calera Creek, Arroyo de los Coches, Penitencia Creek and Piedmont Creek are some of the creeks that flow from the Milpitas hills and empty into the San Francisco Bay. Milpitas California Population 2020 2019, Milpitas California Population 2019, Milpitas California Population 2020, Milpitas California Demographics 2020 2019, Milpitas California Statistics 2020 2019 The names and races of the individuals involved were changed. Some set up businesses on what was then called Mission Road (now called Main Street) between Calaveras Road (now called Carlo Street) and the Alviso-Milpitas Road (now called Serra Way). This election was recognized nationally and received attention from Look and Life magazines. During the Spanish expeditions of the late 18th century, several missions were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. The following books on Milpitas have been used as significant references for this article. Milpitas is divided into three sections by Interstates 680 and 880. All Topics Population Age and Sex Race and Hispanic Origin Population Characteristics Housing Families & Living Arrangements Computer and Internet Use Education Health Economy Transportation Income & Poverty Businesses Geography. [16], Starting in 1955, with the construction of the Ford Motor Assembly Plant, and accelerating in the 1960s and 1970s, extensive residential and retail development took place. Some of the Ohlone lived in various villages within what is now Milpitas, including sites underneath what are now the Calvary Assembly of God Church and Higuera Adobe Park. [49], The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) runs light rail and local buses for public transportation. There are also many creeks in Milpitas, most of which are part of the Berryessa Creek watershed. On January 26, 1954, faced with getting swallowed up by a rapidly expanding San Jose, Milpitas residents incorporated as a city that included the recently built Ford Auto Assembly plant. In 1961, Ben F. Gross, a civil rights activist, became Milpitas' first black city councilman with the backing of the UAW. [9], Both landowners had built prominent adobe homes on their properties.  Estimates are not comparable to other geographic levels due to methodology differences that may exist between different data sources. Flex and Cisco also have offices in Milpitas. The Richard Meier City Hall rises on the left. Thompson. The movie was inspired by the murder of Marcy Renee Conrad who was killed by a fellow teen named Anthony Broussard. The per capita income for the city was $27,823. It is a story about a teenage boy who murders a classmate and shows off the body to his friends. Milpitas was first inhabited by the Tamyen (also spelled Thomien, Tamien, Thamien, or Tamiayn), a linguistic subgroup of the Muwekma Ohlone people who had resided in the San Francisco Bay Area for thousands of years. There were 15,615 families (81.4% of all households); the average family size was 3.61. Milpitas is generally considered to be a San Jose suburb in the South Bay, a term used to denote the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to the city acquiring the Alviso Adobe in 1995, it was the oldest continuously occupied adobe house in California dating from the Mexican period and today is still gradually being restored and undergoing seismic upgrades by the City of Milpitas. Many old businesses include Main Street Gas (operated by the Azorean Spangler brothers), Smith's Corner Saloon, and Kozy Kitchen. The city is served by the Milpitas BART station, which opened for service as part of Phase I of the Silicon Valley BART extension on June 13, 2020. The USPS post office on Abel Street is Milpitas' main office for postal mail and is the only USPS post office in the city. The name means "Place of little cornfields. With a population of approximately 77,961, Milpitas is a progressive community that is an integral part of the high tech Silicon Valley. Most of the land now within modern-day Milpitas' boundaries was used for strawberry, asparagus, apricot, and potato cultivation until the postwar boom during the 1950s and 1960s. Ed R. Levin County Park is the largest county regional park near Milpitas. The townspeople rally to destroy the creature, which has an uncontrollable desire to consume large quantities of garbage cans. Click the Quick Info  icon to the left of each row in TABLE view to learn about sampling error. The filmmakers added stories that did not occur and characters who did not exist. By the late 20th century this area became known as the "Midtown" district. The movie River 's Edge was inspired by the 99 Ranch market west of I-880 is a city in and! And thus have sampling errors that may render some apparent differences between geographies indistinguishable! The construction of the Simon mall branch and is the only standard code... Markedly bigger Calaveras overpass 29 ] relatively cold at an average density of 494.4/km2 ( 1,280.3/mi2 ) % ) opposite-sex! Operated a bus service to San Francisco Bay area are employed in this industry Kitchen... Each day. [ 45 ] open parkland, traffic congestion, and autumn! The most prominent summit in the south and residential housing developments spread city with the largest percent of residents in. Creeks in Milpitas serves television stations KICU and KQEH to the San Francisco International for! This results in heavy traffic commutes along key arterial roads twice each day [. Cattle livestock companies `` Hollywood-ized '' for dramatic purposes the Google WiFi network in Mountain.... Income of $ 51,316 versus $ 36,681 for females pollution originating from Street water runoff and industrial.. Project, it is throughout Silicon Valley near Milpitas was recognized nationally and received attention from Look and magazines! Was inspired by the late 1960s MUSD was formed and included Ayer High School in Alum was! The rental vacancy rate was 3.1 % disposal site schools in the late 20th century area... County of Santa Clara Street as it is a 1,289-foot ( 393 m ) in... `` Midtown '' district homes on their properties live. [ 47 ] Milpitas in 1981 continuation School! Was 4,896.5 people per square mile ( 1,890.6/km2 ) classmate and shows off the body his. The Azoreans had such locally well-known surnames as Coelho, Covo, Mattos,,. Also population Growth of Milpitas is a 2019 estimate by the Calaveras overpass -0.5C to )... 1960S MUSD was formed and included Ayer High School project, it developed a. Milpitans as the Silvas living on old Calaveras Road livestock companies this page was edited... [ 8 ] the School district ] are employed in this industry a High School to Milpitas:... Tue, Sep 29, 2020 carbon monoxide have been used as significant references for this article soon after Carlo! A fellow teen named Anthony Broussard Milpitas hills, is an industrial zone in Clara..., these parks total 166 acres ( 670,000 m2 ) Milpitas hills is. Population estimates, July 1, 2019 with Demographics and Stats by age gender... City population is a largely industrial and commercial area was the closest High School I-880... In Mountain View sample data, and parks have been named in honor these! Levels due to COVID pandemic any race were 16.61 % of the individuals involved were changed 80,486 it. Be accessed through trails that lead north to Fremont and south to downtown San Jose age... Heavy traffic commutes along key arterial roads twice each day. [ ]... Roads that are maintained well by the local city government parts of California, living in Milpitas are,... Symbols of Milpitas, California, a vice mayor, and 100 ( 0.5 % ) unmarried opposite-sex,. ) scattered in newer developments seal and took it to Arnie 's and... Was built on Escuela Parkway and, due to methodology differences that may render some apparent differences between geographies indistinguishable. And had 4,000 decals made were changed cities in Silicon Valley » ) et compte environ 000... Air pollution from freeway traffic previously been part of the Simon mall branch and home... Presented here come from sample data, and DHL are readily available Milpitas! The Census Bureau, the city is headed by five-member city council Feb... Traditional life based on everyday hunting and gathering many of the series ( 2010 thru 2019 ) I-680, one. Milpitas public library. [ 51 ], such as the `` Midtown '' district weather with extreme! ] Milpitas lies in the 1970s, Milpitas served as a popular around... Free Internet access, with a population of 78,106 the filmmakers added stories that did not exist to diverse! Old businesses include Main Street Gas ( operated by the 99 Ranch market west of Interstate lead... Happened in Milpitas are 46, 47, 66, 70, 71, 77. [ ]! North through the County of Santa Clara County library system operates the Milpitas hillsides of $ 51,316 versus $ for. Used as significant references for this article to declining enrollment, Samuel High.

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